Low back pain is never normal

At Wollaston Chiropractic clinic we help people with a variety of low back problems. Including acute and chronic low back pain, headaches, and neck pain .

The most common pain by far is low back pain, which over the last 14 years has given me lots of experience of how to get you well fast.

If you are fed up with your low back pain, and want fast professional treatment, then give us a ring on 01384 443999 and simply book in for a consultation.


Low back pain is worse than losing a limb. Well not really, but customers from Stourbridge are suffering everyday, and most just want the severe pain to go away. Most have tried Physiotherapy or Osteopathy to help their agonising low back pain. We offer gentle Chiropractic care to provide fast treatment for things like low back pain, neck pain, and headaches. If you are from Stourbridge or surrounding areas including, Hagley, Kinver, Pedmore, Brierely Hill, Gornal, Kingswinford, Wollaston. If you have tried Osteopathy or Physiotherapy treatment then give us a ring on 01384443999 to book a consultation.


Learn what causes Low Back Pain. This includes stress, bending, repetitive actions, falls and jars. Understand how these effects cause cumulative damage.


How to prevent low back pain. Follow simple tips to prevent damaging your low back. Improve your posture, bending and lifting, and understand how using a computer can damage your back.


Video testimonials. Have a look at these 1 minute video testimonials to see how we have helped customers with low back pain (and other symptoms such as neck pain, and headaches).


What is the treatment? Understand what treatment we provide, and how it rapidly un-traps nerves to help low back pain.


I was walking on sticks, I had two elbow crutches, I couldn't do any exercise... I started to feel the benefit in the first four sessions–Sandrea

When I’ve had treatment, I felt different than when I arrived, because I can move much more easily and I feel I’m pain free–Margaret

My back pain was shooting down my leg... It's changed my life. I know it works for me.–Enis

It’s reduced it significantly to virtually nothing. I have a slight back ache now and again but it's been really good.–Russell

It’s improved 110%, now I'm back to normal. Life’s good. I’m back to working full time–Jeff