What is the Treatment?

The first step in treating any customer, is always to fully examine them in order to provide them with the best possible treatment. A 30 to 40 minute consultation is performed, which consists of a medical history, and a detailed physical examination. This examines the muscles, ligaments, and nerve flow in the low back. Normally the customer can remain fully clothed during this examination. At the end of the consultation the Chiropractor will explain what he has found, give any necessary recommendations such as stretches or exercises, and start a course of treatment if appropriate. The first treatment is normally given at the end of the consultation, and we generally avoid delaying treatment if chiropractic care can help.

Chiropractic treatment for low back pain consists of un-trapping nerves in the lumbar spine, in order to help chronic and acute low back pain, and speed up the customers recovery. This involves gentle pushes on the spine to free up trapped areas of the spine, and improve nerve flow. Additionally, some gentle soft tissue massage is also given in order to improve blood flow in the muscle and accelerate healing process in the body.